Harnessing the Potential of Autistic Technologists in Healthcare

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By Isha Dash

The healthcare industry is undergoing constant evolution, with immense potential for groundbreaking technological advancements. From telehealth and electronic health records to IoT devices, enhanced data security, and AI and ML technologies, we are living in an era brimming with endless possibilities. At auticon, we have found that autistic individuals possess professional strengths and attributes that make them invaluable assets in the ever-evolving healthcare technology environment. 

Autistic Strengths and Healthcare Technology: A Perfect Match

As the healthcare industry increasingly relies on data-driven, technology-oriented practices, the unique strengths of autistic professionals align perfectly with its requirements. These strengths include:
•    Strong concentration and focus
•    Meticulous attention to detail
•    A high level of accuracy
•    Unique insights
•    Creative problem-solving abilities

At auticon, we have witnessed a strong synergy between the skills of our autistic technologists and the needs of our healthcare clients. Our team members are actively involved in critical projects for a range of healthcare and pharmaceutical clients. These projects encompass data categorization, data storage solutions, data science, and software development. auticon’s technologists have played a pivotal role in successfully completing these projects. Their contributions have been instrumental in improving efficiency, fostering innovation, and propelling growth in the healthcare industry.

Featured Healthcare Partners: CoverMyMeds and Health Catalyst

In the domains of data warehousing and software engineering, auticon has collaborated with CoverMyMeds, a subsidiary of McKesson Corporation. CoverMyMeds recognizes the value of neurodiversity and the strengths that autistic professionals bring to technology roles in healthcare. To this end, they engaged auticon to find the right autistic talent to match career opportunities on their technology team. This partnership also fostered a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and promoted neuroinclusive practices within the company. As a result, CoverMyMeds is better equipped to support all of their neurodivergent employees, enabling them to thrive at work and access their full potential. To learn more about this partnership, read our case study.

Health Catalyst, a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations, is another vital partner of auticon. They hired a proficient data analyst from auticon as an Implementation Engineer to aid in the deployment of their claims data model solution. This key role includes data analysis, validation, and verification, as well as management of client projects. Health Catalyst has also engaged Platform Engineers from auticon to assist in configuring and maintaining the company’s Data Operating System (DOS), a data-first analytics and application software development platform. For more details about this partnership, visit out our case study

auticon’s technologists have also brought immense value to another healthcare client, a prominent biotechnology firm. For this project, our technologists meticulously sift through vast data repositories to uncover patterns and insights crucial for guiding decisions and enhancing health outcomes. Additionally, in this era where data security is of utmost importance, we have a dedicated team member focused on cybersecurity, ensuring the protection of sensitive health data.

In conclusion, the integration of autistic professionals in the healthcare technology revolution has proven to be an innovative and transformative approach. It not only fuels technological advancements but also promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. At auticon, we remain committed to nurturing autistic technology talent, harnessing their vast potential, and emphasizing the value that neurodiversity brings to the rapidly evolving healthcare technology landscape.

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