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auticon's team of experts share their views on neurodiversity
In the fast-paced realm of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), diverse cognitive perspectives are vital. This post highlights specific roles in AI/ML where autistic strengths align perfectly.
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The LGBTQIA+ pride flag side by side with a rainbow infinity symbol representing neurodiversity.

Pride and Belonging: LGBTQIA+ Inclusion and Neurodiversity at Work

At auticon, a company where the majority of our employees are autistic and many are LGBTQIA+, we celebrate both Pride Month and Autistic Pride Day. We also recognize how important...
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7 Strategies for Effective Communication in Neurodiverse Teams

Inclusive communication is key when leading a neurodiverse team. Learn 7 strategies for effective communication with autistic and neurodivergent colleagues.
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A smiling woman stands in an office in front of a whiteboard giving a presentation. She is holding a clipboard and a pen.

Neurodiversity Training: What to Expect and How It Benefits Your Team

auticon Job Coach Larry Ross shares a guide to Neurodiversity Training--the process, content, and benefits for your teams and company.
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Two employees sitting at table together and smiling. One writes on a notepad and the other looks down at what she is writing.

Job Coaching Success Stories: Transforming Neurodivergent Careers

auticon job coach Reshma Dhawan discusses why job coaching is so important for autistic employees and shares success stories from auticon's team.
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Autism in Agile Environments: Navigating Strengths and Challenges

Isha Dash explores the benefits of Agile environments for autistic technology professionals, as well as supports managers can implement to address common challenges.
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A group of employees has an informal meeting in an open office space

Best Practices for Leading Neurodiverse Teams

Isha Dash shares best practices from her decade of experience leading neurodiverse teams and building an inclusive workplace culture.
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A person's hands holding a clipboard showing graphs and charts

Is Your Company Neurodiversity-Friendly? The Importance of Assessing Neuroinclusion

At auticon, we hear from a lot of companies that want to become neurodiversity-friendly employers, but they’re not sure where to start. We’ve learned from our more than 10 years...
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A businesswoman gives a presentation in a meeting room

Choosing the Right Neuroinclusion Partner: 5 Key Attributes to Look For

Kirsty Cook, auticon's Global Director of Neuroinclusion Services, highlights what to look for in a partner to guide your company's neuroinclusion efforts.
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A data professional works at his computer and smiles at the camera

Autism and Data Stewardship: Embracing Unique Abilities for Success

One field where auticon's autistic technologists have excelled is data stewardship. Learn what data stewards do and the strengths that autistic professionals bring to this role.
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