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auticon's team of experts share their views on neurodiversity
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Learn how auticon has created a culture of compassion at work and why compassion is so important in neurodiverse workplaces.
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Two software engineers work at their computers

Neurodiversity in Software Engineering: Unlocking the Benefits of Different Minds

In the rapidly evolving world of software engineering, a transformative trend is emerging: the recognition and celebration of neurodiversity.
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3 Steps to Neuroinclusive Management

Management is one of the most important factors in building a neuroinclusive workplace. Job Coach Larry Ross shares the steps toward effectively managing neurodiverse teams.
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Unlocking AI Innovation with Autistic Strengths

The unique cognitive strengths of autistic professionals can bring immense value to AI, driving innovation and unlocking breakthroughs.
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Harnessing the Potential of Autistic Technologists in Healthcare

At auticon, we have found that autistic individuals possess professional strengths and attributes that make them invaluable assets in the ever-evolving healthcare technology environment. 
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Debunking 5 Myths About Neurodiversity in the Workplace

There are several persistent myths around employing neurodivergent people. It’s important to dispel these myths in order to build inclusive workplaces.
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An employee sits on a couch in the office and speaks with a colleague sitting across from him, who is holding a tablet.

How Managers and Colleagues Can Support the Mental Health of Autistic Employees

auticon US Lead Job Coach Reshma Dhawan shares her expertise on supporting the mental health of autistic employees on an individual basis.
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6 Ways Employers Can Support the Mental Health of Autistic Employees

auticon US Job Coach Larry Ross discusses autism and mental health in the workplace and shares how employers can support the mental health of autistic employees.
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Headshot of Isha Dash on a blue background

Why I Value Working with Autistic Colleagues

Isha Dash highlights the strengths that autistic employees bring to their work and teams, including clear and direct communication and unique perspectives.
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An employee talks and gestures to two coworkers he is sitting with

5 Strengths of Autism in QA Testing

auticon Delivery Manager Sabina Durral highlights five key strengths of autism in QA testing—along with the crucial importance of providing an inclusive environment and the necessary supports for each employee.
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