“Although working with this type of profile sometimes requires special supervision and greater precision in expressing our needs, it is an asset in the long term, as it also enables us to improve our communication with all our employees, who “dare” to express themselves less when some of our requests are confused...”
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December 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. On this day, which is celebrated worldwide, our consultant Laura talks about her autism. She shows that, contrary to popular belief, it is the situation that is actually disabling, not the autism itself. Explanations. Some words are easier to take on than others. “Autistic”, for...
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In this somewhat supernatural context of the coronavirus (Covid-19), many companies have switched to this new way of working, which is teleworking. But did you know? This arrangement can actually be particularly autism-friendly. Teleworking, if done effectively, has many advantages: It helps to reduce fatigue due to transport, social demands and sensory over-stimulation – factors...
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